An eminent educationist, Rai Singh Singhal has made immense contribution in the field of education by opening school, which is among the best. He has given the institutions a distinct philosophy with his firm belief in ‘guru shishya parampara’, abiding human values and a progressive vision.

According to him, “True education is not just accumulating intellectual wealth but increasing its value manifold by sharing it and enriching the world. It must ignite young minds to explore the vast horizons and seek truth, mould the character of students and impart a strong sense of values; teach them to be astute and respect reason but listen to the silent voice within. They must be taught not only to dream and delight in watching life reborn each day with new questions, new ideas, new dreams and new bonds but also through education to become a good human being a good member of a family a good member of a community a good citizen of a country and finally a good citizen of the world.”

Rai Singh Singhal